People are Now Putting Alcohol in Instant Noodles to Make Their Ramen Tastier

Japan will turn your instant ramen experience up a notch with this clever hack that will transform your favorite instant comfort food into a savory treat.

Instant ramen is always a must-have item in the pantry, but needless to say, it does get kind of boring, so ramen fans have been experimenting to jazz up their ramen a little bit.

Image via Flickr / T-Mizo

A newly discovered technique has just been found that will “dramatically” improve the flavor of your ramen. So, what is this new secret ingredient? Sake.

It may sound surprising, but it also makes a lot of sense because ramen recipes often use mirin, which is a less alcoholic and sweeter version of sake.

Editors of Japan Today put this recommendation to the test. For the less experienced drinkers, they recommend using a teaspoon of sake to be mixed with your instant noodles, but for their taste test, they used a tablespoon and then gave the noodles and the broth a whirl.

Image via Flickr / Bigbirdz

The result? They said that theywere surprised by how much we could taste the sake and the ramen broth brought out more of the sweetness in its flavor profile, and also imparted a bit of pleasant creaminess to the broth’s mouth feel.”

Image via Flickr / Hirotomo T

So, if you are a big instant ramen lover, why not give this one a try? Besides, if you close your eyes long enough while eating your bowl of deliciousness, you might get transported to one of the famous izakayas in Japan – of course, with a bottle of authentic Japanese sake.

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