Hi-Chew introduces 3 new ‘juicy’ flavors in launch of new version of their classic candy

Hi-Chew introduces 3 new ‘juicy’ flavors in launch of new version of their classic candy
Celine Pun
May 24, 2022
Hi-Chew has launched a new version of their candy with new “juicy” flavors inspired by summer fruits for fans to try. 
The new take on the iconic Japanese candy contains little chunks filled with concentrated apple puree and pectin jelly, a thickening starch naturally found in fruit, throughout its composition to make them even juicier.
Three flavors are featured in the new Infrusions Orchard Mix: Juicy Blood Orange, Juicy Peach and Juicy Strawberry. 
The Juicy Blood Orange Hi-Chew has a light orange outer layer and a red center, imitating the colors and sweet, tangy flavor of a blood orange.
The Juicy Strawberry flavor, which has a pink exterior and a white center, “transports you into a strawberry field” with a single bite, according to Hi-Chew. 
Meanwhile, the Juicy Peach Hi-Chew has a dark orange exterior with a yellow center, similar to the color gradient of a peach. Hi-Chew claimed its taste “mimics the experience of biting into a fresh peach straight off the tree.”
Created by Morinaga & Company in Japan in 1956, the gluten-free fruit candy was designed to have the chewable pleasure of gum with an environmentally friendly twist: melting in one’s mouth instead of ending up under tables or on sidewalks. Hi-Chew currently has over 50 different flavors available worldwide. 
“While staying true to our fruit-forward affinity and adding in the bursts of flavor, Infrusions provides the perfect blend of chewiness and juiciness we’ve been aiming to achieve through our continued innovation,” said Teruhiro Kawabe, president and CEO of Morinaga America.
With a suggested retail price of $4.29, Hi-Chew Infrusions Orchard Mix can be purchased at participating retail stores around the world.
Featured Image via Food Insider
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