New Chinese Restaurant of the Future is 100% Run By Robots

New Chinese Restaurant of the Future is 100% Run By RobotsNew Chinese Restaurant of the Future is 100% Run By Robots
Japanese netizens are in awe of a futuristic restaurant in China which appears to be completely run by robots.
A video shared by Twitter user Shao on Saturday features a fully automated Chinese restaurant without any human worker assisting customers.
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In the tweet which has earned over 23,000 likes and 17,000 comments, Shao showed how the hi-tech system works.
The customer first chooses his order via a large touch screen menu. He then pays for his meal using his smartphone before proceeding to a pick-up window.
A robot arm is seen delivering his meal of what appears to be a noodle dish.
After he is done eating, the customer pushes a button on the counter which then causes the surface he used as a table to slide back, dropping all his trash into a hidden garbage storage underneath.
While impressed with the overall system, Japanese netizens took issue with how the garbage disposal was implemented, according to SoraNews24.
“What about separating the trash?” one Twitter user asked.
“I’d be worried about accidentally losing my keys or phone. Scary!” noted another.
“Unsanitary,” commented one.
“Eating on top of a trash can? Lol,” said another.
“It looks like it would stink!” reacted a netizen.
Although the original post did not indicate the name of the restaurant, it appears to be quite similar to the automated restaurant by China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba and catering brand Wufangzhai which opened in January in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. 
While the 24-hour restaurant still serves dishes cooked and prepared by humans, it features “intelligent ordering, service notifications, self-service dining, and automatic payments.”
Featured Image via Twitter / shao1555
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