New Business Pikachu Says Everything You Need to Know About Japanese Work Culture

Pokémon’s Pikachu has finally grown up and put on a business suit.

It might be the right time. Pikachu first made his appearance in Japan in 1996 in the first Pokémon video game. Those who grew up playing Pokémon have now entered the workforce. Nintendo seems to recognize that, hence the Pokémon Center decking out its iconic mascot in a very smart business suit, referring to it as a “freshers rookie salary worker.” It’s the first Pikachu plushie in a new theme-based series, with Pokémon planning on releasing its signature electric mouse every month throughout the next year dressed up in seasonally appropriate outfits.

The career-minded Pikachu is timed to coincide with Japan’s spring, which is when most employees for Japanese companies start working.


The iconic mascot is decked out in a suit jacket, white dress shirt and striped knotted tie. With a pokéball-logoed briefcase in hand and wearing thick-framed glasses, the adorable-looking collectible appears ready for a long day at work. All Pikachu lacks is a brown-bagged lunch, but he does come prepared with one of three designed business cards that bear his likeness.

The Pikachu plushie, which costs 1,728 yen ($14.50 US), is available at Pokémon Center stores across Japan and also Amazon Japan, where it’s currently the top best-selling item in the toy department. Unfortunately, there’s no international shipping at the online retailer, so Pikachu might be hard to come by if you live in the U.S.

The next Pikachu will be revealed on April 11. Let’s hope this doesn’t happen again.

Images via Tiny Cartridge
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