Why You Should Never Order Spicy Tuna Roll at a Sushi Bar

Let’s face it, spicy tuna rolls are delicious AF. 
The amazing combination of fish, mayo, and chili sauce simply hits the perfect spot.
However, there’s a horrible secret about it. The main ingredient is “tuna scrape.”
Scrape is pretty much just meat left behind on the tuna’s skeleton after all the good meat is removed. According to SymptomFind.com
“Spicy tuna sushi can be made up in part of a ground fish product known as tuna scrape. Tuna scrape is essentially the leftover fish after the fillets have been cut off the bone. Because it is scraped from the bone and considered remnants, some have compared it to pink slime since both sound unappetizing.”
They’re often sold in packages like these for a very cheap price.
According to PBS, imported tuna scrape has been linked to hundreds of illnesses and hospitalization in the U.S. One of the most major incidents occurred in 2012 when 425 people caught salmonella from tuna scrape.
“If it’s not tuna scrapes, we typically use old tuna we can’t sell as nigiri or sashimi sushi,” said a LA-based sushi chef who agreed to speak to us if he could remain anonymous. “No one has ever gotten sick off of it. It’s simply just fish that’s not as fresh.”
Whether is less-than-choice meat or old tuna, the choice is yours of whether you want to continue eating it, but just know what you are putting inside your body.
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