Netflix announces ‘biggest-ever lineup’ of Korean titles for 2023

Netflix announces ‘biggest-ever lineup’ of Korean titles for 2023Netflix announces ‘biggest-ever lineup’ of Korean titles for 2023
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Iris Jung
January 17, 2023
In a move sure to please the growing K-content fandom, Netflix has announced 34 upcoming titles for 2023.
The streaming platform announced the upcoming year will see its “biggest-ever lineup” of Korean films, shows, and variety programs. 
Viewers can look forward to the return of fan-favorite series such “The Glory,” “D.P.” and “Sweet Home.”
The Glory,” starring veteran actor Song Hye-kyo and Lee Do-hyun, centers on a woman bent on vengeance after her bullies violently ruined her life in high school. After first airing on Dec. 30, 2022, “The Glory” became the most-watched non-English TV show in the first week of January with 82.48 million hours viewed. 
Part 2 of the drama will be released in March. 

The dystopian horror series “Sweet Home” and military drama “D.P.” have also made their mark, leaving many anticipating their return to screen. Although their return dates have yet to be announced, Netflix has confirmed the long wait will not been in vain. 

However, alongside returning content, Netflix has also revealed noteworthy new series for the new year.
Following the popularity of survival themes in Korean content, heartthrob Park Seo-jun (“Itaewon Class”) is expected to make his Netflix return with Han So-hee (“My Name,” “Nevertheless”) in “Gyeongseong Creature.” Set in the spring of 1945, the duo struggle against a monstrous creature born from human greed.
The 1900s is visited once more by Kim Nam-gil and Seo Hyun in “Song of the Bandits,” which depict a band of Koreans protecting Joseon against the violent Japanese colonial rule.
Departing from period pieces, Netflix also took on series based on webtoons, South Korea’s digital comics. Jumping into the world of “Black Knight,” Kim Woo-bin finds himself in 2071 as a deliveryman who must aid stranded refugees on the brink of death.
“See You In My 19th Life” will also see a live remake in the upcoming year.
Other upcoming new series include, “Love to Hate You,” “Bloodhounds,” “Celebrity,” “Wueenmaker,” “A Time Called You,” “Mask Girl,” “Donna!,” “Daily Dose of Sunshine,” “Goodbye Earth,” “Behind Your Touch (WT),” “Crash Course in Romance,” “The Good Bad Mother,” “King the Land” and “Destined with You.”

Series aren’t the only thing Netflix has to offer, showcasing an impressive line-up of Korean films to look forward to,
To be released on Friday, director Yeon Sang-Ho’s (“Train to Busan,” “Peninsula,” “Hellbound”) dystopian “JUNG_E” will depict a war for human survival amidst a desolated 22nd century.

“JUNG_E” will be quickly followed by “Unlocked” on Feb. 17. Starring Yim Si-wan and Chun Woo-hee, the crime thriller follows the main character as she loses her phone, eventually losing her identity as well. 
Other upcoming films include the action films “Kill Boksoon” and “Believer 2,” the revenge drama “Ballerina” and biopic “The Match,” based on a pair of real-life Go players.
In addition to films and series, Netflix has also prepared variety shows to keep audiences interested throughout the year.
To be released on Jan. 24, “Physical: 100” is a survival entertainment program created to test the limits of its contestants’ physical capabilities. The show will see 100 men and women compete to win the title of “perfect physique.”

Continuing the physical survival trend, “Siren: Survive the Island” will see 24 women divided into 6 teams and compete in extreme situations. 
Nodding to the popularity of Korean zombies, “Zombieverse” will have participants surviving a zombie-fied Seoul. 
Other anticipated variety programs include “Nineteen to Twenty” and “The Devil’s Plan.”
Finally, Netflix members can look forward to documentaries to top off Korean entertainment for 2023.
Expected to be released on March 3, “In the Name of God: A Holy Betrayal” is a true-crime documentary following the modern self-proclaimed “messiahs” of South Korea.
“Yellow Door: Looking for Director Bong’s Unreleased Short Film (WT)” will piece together Oscar-winning director Bong Joon-ho’s unreleased 22-minute film, “Looking for Paradise.”

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