Netizens Praise Singaporean Man’s Actions After Elderly Cancer Patient Hits His Car

Singaporean man earned praise from netizens for bringing the man who had just accidentally hit his car to a clinic after learning he was suffering from cancer.

The viral story of the 34-year-old engineer and entrepreneur named Alvin Ho was recently featured in a Facebook post by Tin Pei Ling, a Member of Parliament (MP), according to the Straits Times.

In the post, Tin narrated that Ho was reportedly driving to work when his car got hit by another car.

The man at fault turned out to be a 65-year-old cancer patient who temporarily lost consciousness while behind the wheel. After the minor accident, the driver got out of his vehicle to apologize to Ho.

It was then that the man revealed he was suffering from stage four cancer and explained he was already heading to a hospital as he has not been feeling well.

“Turned out the car that knocked his was driven by a 65-year-old uncle who unexpectedly blacked out momentarily at the wheel,” Tin wrote.

Ho immediately offered to take him to the clinic to ensure he quickly received treatment, guiding the elderly man and offering moral support.

The post shared that Ho even chose to stay around at the clinic as the man was being admitted, ensuring the man was given immediate medical attention.

In the post, the MP praised Ho for his actions, noting that he could have just gone on his way after the accident considering it was not his fault, to begin with.

“But he didn’t. He made sure uncle was looked after all the way until he got home,” she added.

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