Tourist Couple Vandalizes Public Property in Bangkok for Fun, Thai Netizens Outraged

An unnamed Caucasian couple is getting heavy criticism from netizens in Thailand after a video of them doing graffiti in the busy streets of Silom Road, Bangkok, went viral on Facebook on Dec. 20.

The Facebook clip, posted online by Vorathep Charoenpornpanich, started off with the couple, whose names have not been revealed, just casually walking down Silom Road on Wednesday afternoon, according to AsiaOne.

After passing through a couple of street performers and a traffic policeman, the girl suddenly steps aside while bringing out a bright green paint marker, and proceeded to write something on a post on the sidewalk.

Image screenshot via Facebook

After realizing they were being filmed, the man she was with at the time winked and blew a kiss towards Vorathep instead of confronting him to stop recording. At the end of the video, the woman can be seen smiling — or laughing — with no remorse.

Image screenshot via Facebook

It turns out that the pole was not the only public structure that the couple vandalized during their walk. A phone booth along the sidewalk was also targeted by the girl, writing “woah” using the same paint marker.

Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook
Image via Facebook

The video has already been watched more than 2.4 million times on Facebook, drawing more than 3,200 reactions from netizens and had been shared 10,450 times on the social media platform.

While many seem to condemn the couple for vandalizing several structures on Silom Road, some netizens also targeted the person who took the video, saying that he should’ve done something about it instead of just following them and recording the whole situation.

Featured Image via Facebook / Vorathep Charoenpornpanich

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