Netizens Hate on Filipino Surfer With White Girlfriend Because He’s Brown

Netizens Hate on Filipino Surfer With White Girlfriend Because He’s Brown
Bryan Ke
October 10, 2017
A Filipino man went viral a few days ago after pictures of him with his foreigner girlfriend made the rounds online. Instead of sending positive messages to the couple, some netizens decided to bash the young man and judge him based on his looks and skin color.
Image via Facebook
Bu what the online bashers failed to see is the man, only known by his first name Roger, is actually a hot surfer from the province of La Union in the Philippines, as reported by Definitely Filipino Buzz.
Image via Facebook
The couple’s photos taken at an eatery first surfaced on Facebook on October 2 after their bus transportation broke down. In her post, Facebook user Migs Cano described Roger and Lisa as a sweet couple, and how she felt the love they both have for each other.
Image via Facebook
Cano was displeased, however, by all the unnecessary comments she heard coming from other employees at the eatery. She advised the couple not to pay all the haters any attention, and continue to love each other regardless of the other person’s skin color or appearance.
Unfortunately, the notion that a couple should have the exact same physical characteristics in order for them to be socially accepted persists.
Whatever the case is, Roger and Lisa are both happy in their relationship. And at the end of the day, love still wins.
Cano’s Facebook of the couple has more than 4,000 reactions and over 1,600 shares since it was first posted.
Featured Image via Facebook / Migs Cano
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