Netizens Furious After Chinese Bridesmaid Gets Abused By Best Man, Wedding Guests

A bridesmaid at a wedding in southern China was pinned to the ground and groped by a number of male guests, including the best man.

The disturbing scene filmed in Guangzhou City immediately attracted the attention of angry netizens, who supported the bridesmaid and demanded for justice.

In the video, the helpless bridesmaid, identified as Ms. Zhang, is seen with her top ripped off as she struggled against the men. The crowd cheered on the side.

It was her best friend’s wedding.

According to local news reports, Ms. Zhang claimed that she was forced to the ground by at least five men, including the best man. Seven to eight guests groped her body as she was on the ground.

Later, the best man, identified as Mr. Tang, apologized to Ms. Zhang via WeChat, reasoning that he got “very excited” and “didn’t know” what he was doing. The other perpetrators, which happened to be his friends, reportedly apologized too.

However, Ms. Zhang proved that she is not a woman to mess with and reported the incident to police.

Netizens expressed their thoughts over Weibo, where the video had gone viral (via Daily Mail):

“She must report it to police. It could not be settled amicably.”

“I was so grateful to know that the bridesmaid had reported it to police.”

“They should pay the price for their actions.”

Kudos to Ms. Zhang for standing up for herself and making these bastards responsible for their disgusting actions!

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