Why Filipino Netizens are Outraged Over Viral Video of Woman Counting Cash

Why Filipino Netizens are Outraged Over Viral Video of Woman Counting CashWhy Filipino Netizens are Outraged Over Viral Video of Woman Counting Cash
Filipino netizens are up in arms against a compatriot for reportedly misrepresenting the Philippines in a viral video featuring different nationalities speaking their own languages.
In a video uploaded by the “Many People, Many Places” Facebook page on June 15, 70 individuals from 70 countries demonstrate how to count money in their country.
While the video is over a month old, it only went viral in the Philippines on Saturday when social media users began making memes about it.
The concept is pretty straightforward and all participants did as they were told and counted money the way locals would in their country.
Most of them used their native tongues in counting, while quite a few decided to use either English, including the participant from the Philippines.
The woman appears only for a few seconds counting cash. Instead of speaking in Filipino, which is the country’s national language, the woman used English, the Philippines’ other official language.
The unnamed woman has since been widely rebuked by her kababayans, or “countrymen,” in the post’s comment section, with many asking the video’s producers to “recast” her for reportedly “not representing our country well.”
“I am annoyed. Don’t you guys validate this? Yes, we use your English language in our country but we also use the Filipino language,” one commenter wrote. “Couldn’t you find someone who can count in Tagalog (a local dialect)? This is disappointing.”
“Who’s the owner of this page!?!? They should remove the woman representing the Philippines, she doesn’t know one single thing about the Philippines! Remove her! She’s a disgrace!!” another one said.
“Admins, can you please look for a different representative for the Philippines on your next videos? the one that you got is broken AF,” said a netizen.
“I am planning to REPORT THIS PAGE if they will retain that so-called “Philippine Representative” and upload another video,” warned one user. “For the Creator of this video, PLEASE CONDUCT A BACKGROUND CHECK in choosing a person to ensure that they are very qualified to represent their country!!!”
Aside from English, many people from different nations also counted in French, for example. While the makers of the video have yet to respond to the brouhaha surrounding the English-speaking Filipina, it is apparent how the others were emphasizing the manner in which they count that the point of the video was not necessarily focused on the language alone.
The same goes for the video below:
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