Netizen Just Discovered That Mario Hasn’t Been a Plumber For Years

We all know Mario as the mushroom-munching, princess-chasing, reptile-pummeling, pipe-plumbing hero of Nintendo’s Mario video game franchise…or so we thought. As it would turn out, Mario has hung up his utility belt without any of us noticing — the savior of the mushroom kingdom has retired from his illustrious plumbing career.

Japanese Twitter user @hinatas_Q revealed that the world’s most famous plumber is not actually a plumber — at least, not any longer — according to his profile description on Nintendo of Japan’s official Mario portal site.

According to SoraNews24, the character’s bio introduction reads:

Cheerful, popular, and loved by everybody. He’s really close to his younger twin brother Luigi, the other half of the famous duo.

Athletic, he looks cool playing any sports, from tennis to baseball to soccer and even kart racing.

Actually, long ago it seems he used to work as a plumber too…

He loves Princess Peach, so whenever she gets into trouble, he’s ready to spring into action and save her.

With his skillful jumping and power-ups, he puts a stop to Bowser’s evil plans.”

The phrase “long ago it seems he used to work as a plumber,” has got Japanese netizens shook with Twitter users posting such reactions:

“When did he quit?”
“Did he hit retirement age_”
“So he’s unemployed?”
“Mario’s a NEET.”

Another detail got netizens scratching their heads:

“Wait…Mario and Luigi are twins?!?”

Incidentally, Luigi’s bio didn’t mention that he was ever a plumber.

Despite being well-known as a plumber, Mario actually has had several occupation changes throughout his video game career. After starting as a carpenter in the original Donkey Kong games, to being a plumber when he debuted in his own game, and then as Dr. Mario in some puzzle games, an archaeologist in Game Boy game Mario’s Picross, an athlete in various Mario sports titles, and finally as a superstar in the Superstar Saga.

Our theory? Mario simply moved on from his plumbing days since saving Princess Peach became something of a full-time job. During his heroic adventures, he’s likely collected enough gold coins to get him through old age.

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