‘Super Rich in Korea’ sparks conversations on country’s wealth gap

‘Super Rich in Korea’ sparks conversations on country’s wealth gap‘Super Rich in Korea’ sparks conversations on country’s wealth gap
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Ryan General
8 days ago
New Netflix variety show “Super Rich in Korea” appears to have failed to captivate viewers, instead igniting discussions about wealth inequality in the country.
Key points:
  • Super Rich In Korea,” which debuted on May 7, showcases the lives of self-proclaimed “super-rich” individuals living in South Korea.
  • The show has an international cast of individuals who have relocated to the country, purportedly due to their love for Korean culture.
  • Many reported finding the show’s focus on displaying extravagant lifestyles unappealing.

The details:
  • “Super Rich in Korea,” features Ryu Hee-ra, dubbed the “Paris Hilton of Korea,” and foreigners such as Singaporean businessman David Yong, Pakistani aristocrat Anna Kim, Italian luxury brand scion Teodoro Marani and Iranian American influencer Noor Naim.
  • Hosts Cho Saeho, GOT7’s BamBam and Mimi from “Oh My Girl” provide commentary to the cast members’ actions throughout an episode.
  • The show’s premise has been criticized on social media for allegedly being insensitive to South Korea’s economic reality. A recent study showed a massive income gap between top earners and the average worker.
  • Viewers also disliked that the cast isn’t primarily Korean, despite the show’s title. Many also hoped for a glimpse into the lives of Korean chaebols. “Why are the Super rich in Korea not Korean,” an X user wrote. “I want to see Koreans … gimme the Samsung heirs.”
  • Cast interactions and editing choices have also been criticized, with some viewers finding them forced and unnatural.
The big picture:
  • Reality shows focusing on the wealthy, like Netflix’s “Bling Empire,” have faced similar feedback for being out of touch with economic realities.
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