The Internet Has OPINIONS on Brenda Song’s Netflix Film ‘Secret Obsession’

Warning: This article contains spoilers for ‘Secret Obsession’

Just last weekend Netflix released a psychological thriller starring Brenda Song and Mike Vogel.

Although the film is riddled with cringey moments and over-the-top clichés such as the tragedy-stricken super detective (played by Dennis Haysbert, AKA the All-State guy), it’s a guilty pleasure that leaves you on the edge of your seat, yelling at the screen.

The film follows Jennifer (Song) who suffers from amnesia after narrowly evading a mysterious knife-wielding attacker. Her loving husband Russell (Vogel) cares for her while she recovers, but things are painfully obvious and not what they appear to be. Jennifer finds herself unraveling a web of lies while Russell becomes more and more aggressive on keeping her in the dark.

Already spoiled by Netflix’s preview trailer, we find that Russell is not actually Jennifer’s husband, and literally cut and paste himself into her life by murdering anyone in his way. He is actually Ryan, an infatuated coworker who obsessed over Jennifer for years.

Ryan has left quite the mess of Jennifer’s life, but perhaps left Netflix viewers even more dumbfounded by the audacious yet carelessness of his actions.

From poorly photoshopping himself into Jennifer’s photos to setting his laptop password with all the evidence that ever existed to her name, jenniferallen, the internet is screaming. It’s okay Netflix, we “love you forever and a day.”

Featured images via Twitter and Instagram / @kristymea (left) and brendasong (right)

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