Netflix releases trailer for docuseries ‘Thai Cave Rescue,’ a dramatized retelling of the 2018 incident

Netflix releases trailer for docuseries ‘Thai Cave Rescue,’ a dramatized retelling of the 2018 incident
Grace Kim
August 30, 2022
Netflix released the first trailer for its upcoming docuseries “Thai Cave Rescue,” chronicling the harrowing incident that made international headlines in 2018 when 12 schoolboys and their soccer coach were trapped in the underground Tham Luang Nang Non cave.
What was supposed to be a routine day of exploration turned into disaster for the Wild Boars soccer team when heavy rainfall and flooding trapped them all inside the cave in June 2018. The rescue mission that ensued was an international effort, captivating the world until the last member was freed over two weeks later. 
“Thai Cave Rescue” is only the latest retelling of the story, as filmmakers were quick to adapt the extraordinary events to screens. “The Cave” premiered in 2019, followed by the 2021’s Oscar-nominated documentary “The Rescue” and this year’s “Thirteen Lives.” 
All six episodes of Netflix’s limited series were filmed entirely in Thailand, including on-location filming at the site of the incident. The show’s logline promises to deliver “a deeper dive into this incredible rescue mission.”
“‘Thai Cave Rescue’ delivers an expanded, dramatized retelling that covers in detail, for the first time, the harrowing experiences of Coach Eak and the 12 Wild Boars inside the cave and their lives on the outside,” it continues. 
Michael Russell Gunn and Dana Ledoux Miller created and wrote the series together, bringing previously untold perspectives to light. The series features interviews with the actual members of the team and props that were taken from the incident. One of the rescuers from the incident, Australian anesthesiologist and cave diver Dr. Richard “Harry” Harris, body doubles for the actor playing him on-screen (Rodger Corser) in the underwater cave diving scenes. 
“Crazy Rich Asians” director John M. Chu was involved in the making of the docuseries as executive producer rather than director as was originally announced in 2019. Instead, Baz Poonpiriya and Kevin Tancharoen helm the series. 
“Thai Cave Rescue” premieres on Netflix on Sept. 22. Check out the trailer below:

Featured Image via Netflix
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