MAMAMOO, Rain, AKMU and more star in new trailer for Netflix music reality show ‘Take 1’

  • A new teaser trailer for the Netflix music reality show “Take 1,” featuring K-pop artists MAMAMOO, Rain, AKMU, Lena Park and more, dropped on Thursday.
  • The show centers around giving South Korean singers the chance to perform one song of their choosing in a dream-fulfilling, glorious one-shot concert performance.
  • Viewers will witness the step-by-steps of the concerts coming together, which includes the artists choosing the setting and stage, as well as inviting whomever they want to the performance.
  • It will premiere on October 14.

The first trailer for Netflix’s upcoming Korean music reality show “Take 1” released on Thursday. 

“Take 1” is the first music reality show produced by Netflix. It highlights several notable South Korean singers as they go about trying to put on a grandiose performance. 

The description for the series attached to the trailer reads: “Imagine you had one shot to give the performance of a lifetime. Renowned artists take center stage live. With a song of their choice. Witness dreams come true. All in a single take.”

A shot of singer Yim Jae-beom opens the trailer, with his voice pondering, “If I could only sing one more song before dying.” It then cuts to the other stars like soprano vocalist Sumi Jo and soloist Lena Park sharing their thoughts on the show asking them to do a single-take, epic concert performance. Another scene depicts an open outdoor field and a large rock-like structure; dancers surround it, and a figure is standing on top garbed in pink. The subtitle reads, “There would be 200 dancers.”

Another voice considers that their dream stage would be impossible without Netflix’s help. Each artist is also given a black box with a timer counting down till their respective “Take 1” performance. They are allowed to invite whomever they wish to their performances and determine the settings and stages.

Superstars such as girl group MAMAMOO, K-pop duo AKMU, legendary soloist Rain, “Nation’s Fairy” Lena Park, singer-songwriter You Hee-yeol, soprano Sumi Jo and Yim Jae-beom all feature in the series. 

Kim Hak-min, who previously worked on the Korean music show “ Two Yoo Project Sugar Man 3” in 2019 will direct. Writing “Take 1” is Yoo Jin-young, whose resume includes the variety show “Amazing Saturday,” currently starring Girls’ Generation leader Taeyeon and SHINEE’s Key.   

“Take 1” will premiere on Netflix on October 14. 


Feature Image via Netflix Asia

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