Netflix releases official trailer for South Korean ‘Little Women’ series coming this weekend

Netflix releases official trailer for South Korean ‘Little Women’ series coming this weekend
Grace Kim
August 31, 2022
An official trailer for Netflix’s South Korean adaptation of “Little Women,” set to premiere this weekend, takes a new spin on Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel. 
Netflix has already hinted at how the modern-day adaptation deviates from its source material in a teaser trailer released earlier this month, which introduces three sisters instead of the novel’s four. 
The Oh trio consists of the hard-working eldest sibling In-ju (Kim Go-eun), passionate journalist In-kyung (Nam Ji-hyun) and artistically talented youngest sibling In-hye (Park Ji-hu). The sisters seize the opportunity to escape their life of poverty when In-ju stumbles across a large sum of money — the missing 70 billion won (approximately $52 million) that’s enveloped in controversy. Soon, they find themselves facing off against one of South Korea’s wealthiest families.

Director Kim Hee-won (“Vincenzo,” “The Crowned Clown”) spoke about the upcoming series in a virtual press conference on Monday: “I imagined the ‘little women’ from the novel coming to South Korea. We start off by presenting the money problem, a harsh reality that many viewers can easily relate to, and the story ends with a huge twist that will exceed all expectations.”
The director also thanked the actors for their performances in the drama, saying, “I look for two major principles when casting. One, the actors need to be people who the viewers truly wish to see on screen. Two, the actors need to be respected by the staff. It took a long time to find these members, but they are the cast of ‘Little Women.’ I was simply honored to work with them.”
Kim Go-eun praised her co-stars who play the other Oh siblings on-screen, noting how they all “quickly became close like real sisters.” Park Ji-hu, who plays the youngest sibling, also likened their relationship to their on-screen personas.
“I received seemingly unending love and attention from my older sisters Kim and Nam. I feel happy, but at the same time I sometimes feel uncomfortable,” Park joked. 
“Little Women” premieres on Netflix and South Korean cable television network tvN on Sept. 3. New episodes will be released on Saturdays and Sundays. 
Featured Image via tvN
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