Netflix’s Zombie K-Thriller ‘Kingdom’ Begins Filming Season 2

Netflix’s Zombie K-Thriller ‘Kingdom’ Begins Filming Season 2Netflix’s Zombie K-Thriller ‘Kingdom’ Begins Filming Season 2
Filming for the second season of the Netflix original Korean series “Kingdom” has officially started.
Considered by many as a refreshing take on the otherwise overly saturated zombie genre, the series was brilliantly adapted by writer Kim Eun-hee and director Kim Seong-hun from the webcomic series “The Kingdom of the Gods“. The comic was authored by Kim Eun-hee and drawn by Yang Kyung-il.
Starring Ji-hoon Ju, Doona Bae, and Suk-ho Jun, the six-episode series takes place in Korea’s medieval Joseon period.
In the first season, Crown Prince Yi-Chang, played by Ju Ji-hoon, becomes embroiled in a political conspiracy and is then forced to embark on a mission to investigate a mysterious plague that has infected his father and is spreading to the southern provinces.
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The second season is expected to continue with the crown prince fighting to save his country.
While the finale episode of the period zombie K-drama did wrap up the many plot points of the first season in a satisfying manner, the intriguing main story has left many viewers wanting for more.
The show’s main cast, including Joo Ji Hoon, Bae Doo Na, Ryu Seung Ryong attended their first script reading earlier this month. They were joined by Park Byung Eun, Kim Tae Hoon, and others who will be playing new characters for the upcoming season.  
According to AllKPop, actual filming for the next season began on February 12 and is expected to last until June of this year.
It is also revealed that Kim Sung Hoon will stay to lend a helping hand in directing the first episode, but the show’s second season will be helmed by director Park In Jae, beginning with the second episode.
While there is no official confirmation on its actual release date, “Kingdom” season two could potentially be out around this time next year.
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