Netflix’s ‘To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before’ Actor Blasted on Twitter After Racist Tweet Surfaces

Netflix released “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” last Friday and while some viewers found the movie to be funny and charming, others are criticizing it after one of its actors’ offensive tweets resurfaced.

London-based @Seb_Paradise called out Netflix and series author Jenny Han for casting 22-year-old actor Israel Broussard, who tweeted “Dogs can sense earthquakes. Too bad Japan ate them all” in July 2011 just months after the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami which killed around 16,000 people in Japan.

via Instagram/ israelbroussard

“Instead of offering condolences, Broussard chose to racially insult Japanese people. This just shows how much he values Asians,” Seb said in another tweet.

He accused Broussard of being “an alt-right nutjob,” citing @moya_Im’s post about the young actor’s recent likes on Twitter, which included “pro Trump, pro Ben f*cking Shapiro, anti Muslims, blacks and women” tweets.

Seb further called Broussard “textbook alt-right garbage” while giving another example of the actor’s now-deleted tweets.

He also called out Netflix and Han for forcing the Asian community to support “an absolute perversion” of a film.

This is not the first time Broussard has been blasted for his social media presence. The actor appeared to post anti-Black Lives Matter tweets and support for Donald Trump in 2016, according to PopBuzz.

Other netizens in the community shared Seb’s sentiments about “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before”:

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