Netflix is Going to Produce Its Own Korea Drama

Netflix is Going to Produce Its Own Korea Drama
Ryan General
By Ryan General
January 9, 2017
Netflix is cooking up a special Korean drama slated for 2018 and it’s something K-drama fans should be excited about.
Announced last Wednesday, the new 12-episode show titled “Love Alarm” will be Netflix’ first original Korean drama production, Huffington Post reported.
The series will be based on an established Korean webcomic of the same name created by South Korean graphic novelist Chon Kye-Young. The webcomic series, which is currently on its fifth season, can be found at South Korean site Daum, where the comic is published weekly.
Much like the source material, the story of the upcoming show will revolve around the main character, a software developer, who invents an app that allows a user to be notified whenever someone who has a crush on him or her is nearby.
In fleshing out the live-action version of the comic, Hidden Square, a new South Korean production outfit, will be joined by experienced Korean drama producer Jaemoon Lee, who helped develop several well-known, award-winning shows such as “Signal” and the drama-comedy “An Incomplete Life.”
While Netflix already has a long list of Korean drama shows in its library to satisfy international fans, the popular streaming service is hoping to get its own slice of the highly-addictive genre’s huge market with the new show.
“We want ‘Love Alarm,’ the TV series, to exhibit the liveliness and expression of emotions, with visual treatments that will reflect Ms. Chon’s vision when she created the story,” Netflix’s communications VP Jessica Lee said in a statement.
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