Malaysian Couple Who Lost Money to Pay For Utility Bill Saved By Random Stranger

One Malaysian couple shared a touching story of how a random stranger surprised them with an unexpected act of kindness.

Facebook user Neter Moner, narrated in a post how her husband lost their utility bill along with the money for it. She said that after losing it, they had given up hopes to finding it, as well as the money attached to it.

“Last week, my husband accidentally dropped the Syarikat Air Johor (SAJ) bill along with the RM150 in front of Taman University. We accepted the fact that the money and bill was lost even though it was tough to come to terms with it. We were really out of luck,” she said in the post.

However, the couple was surprised when a letter came in a few days later with a note and their bill paid for.

Apparently, a kind stranger picked up the bill and the money in front of a shop and took the initiative to pay for it, World of Buzz reported.

“I have paid for the water bill using RM143. As for the remaining RM7, I’ve used it to pump petrol and bought water. I hope you’ll forgive my impoliteness,” the stranger said.

Touched by the stranger’s simple kind gesture, Neter decided to post the story via her Facebook and to inspire others with the stranger’s honesty. She said she is thankful to the stranger and noted that spending the remaining $1.50 on water and petrol is totally acceptable.

Many internet users were touched by the stranger’s kindness and the post received more than 4,000 likes.


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