Beautiful Budget Hotel in Japan is Only $35 a Night

Traveling to Japan — specifically in key places like Tokyo and Osaka — can be expensive. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to give up this amazing destination just because of the price tag.
For tourists who are on a budget, an internet café called Net Maru is becoming increasingly popular among backpackers. Yes, you read that right. This internet-café-turned-hotel has clean spaces and shower facilities for their guests to use – just like a legit hotel.
But you haven’t read the best part yet. This “hotel” comes at a very affordable price. How affordable you ask? Well, you can pay as low as 1,990 yen or $17 for a 12-hours stay or approximately $175 for a week’s stay. Compared to the prices of other hotels in the area, this is definitely a steal!
According to Asia One, while Net Maru is originally an internet café, it also serves as a basic accommodation for those who are looking for a clean, convenient, and affordable place where they can stay.
Maru offers the basic necessities that you can find in a regular hotel like a comfortable sleeping area and showers with complimentary soaps and shampoos. Also note that 10 minutes in the shower will cost you 100 yen which is less than $1.
Their women-only floors and rooms, as well as their exclusive ladies powder room, will definitely attract and benefit female travelers. Maru also has a common laundry room equipped with cash-operated washing machines.
The “hotel” provides water dispensers, microwaves for heating food, and a designated smoking room. Guests will be delighted to know that Wi-Fi is free and rooms come with internet connected computers, in case you need to access a PC, catch up on social media, or simply browse the internet.
Currently, Net Maru is located in Tokyo and Osaka.
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