Kit Kat Japan gets the anime treatment in stylish promo directed by Naoko Yamada

Kit Kat Japan gets the anime treatment in stylish promo directed by Naoko Yamada
Ryan General
March 1, 2022
Nestlé Japan has released an anime-inspired promotional video for Kit Kat.
Helmed by renowned Japanese animator Naoko Yamada, the short animation is part of the brand’s new “Kikkake wa Kit Kat de” (“Kit Kat Creates the Chance”) campaign, reported SoraNews24.
The campaign’s theme continues Kit Kat’s association with messages of encouragement that Nestlé Japan has developed and maintained over the years.
As previously explored by NextShark, Kit Kat’s success story in Japan is attributed to its name. Kit Kat sounds similar to “kitto katsu,” a Japanese phrase which means “You will surely win!” 
The 15-second clip begins with a shot of a Kit Kat in the hands of an apparent couple. The Kit Kat is then shared among a group of friends. The scene shifts from young girls playing to the desk of a manga artist, with a Kit Kat displaying a written message of encouragement: “Go for it! First prize in the competition!” 
Someone then unwraps the Kit Kat and takes a bite of the chocolatey snack. 
The scene includes the narration: “A chance to tell your feelings. The chance to have your heart stirred by meeting someone new. The chance to make your dream come true.”
In the final shot, different flavors of Kit Kats are shown: classic, matcha, oat chocolate and dark chocolate.
Yamada will reportedly direct at least one more short film that will incorporate real-life stories of people who love eating Kit Kat bars. 
According to SoraNews24, Nestlé Japan is now asking consumers to share their stories about occasions in which the snack provided “a happy moment or uplifting moment in their lives.”
Other details about the submission process have yet to be revealed. 
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