People Are Upset That Vogue India’s Latest Cover ‘Star’ is the ‘King of Bollywood’s’ Daughter

Netizens are calling out Vogue India for its blatant nepotism after it officially announced actor Shahrukh Khan’s 18-year-old daughter, Suhana Khan, as the cover girl for the magazine’s August issue.

Vogue India made the surprising announcement earlier this week.

While some people showed support, others think that this is nothing more than nepotism in Bollywood, especially since Suhana’s father, Shahrukh Khan, is considered to be the “King of Bollywood.”

Many questioned why Suhana was chosen to be this month’s cover girl for Vogue India. The college student has never done any films in Bollywood and only expressed the desire to become an actress, according to BuzzFeed.

Other netizens pointed out the unfairness of the selection process, considering that many celebrities in India work very hard to receive such a recognition. Some are chosen just because they are the sons/daughters of well-known celebrities.

Writers such as @FuschiaScribe described how hard it is to get published in the magazine, and the little pay they receive when they do make it through.

Fans suggested other celebrities who are really deserving such as beauty pageant queen Manushi Chhillar.

Vogue India turned off the comment section of the Instagram post following the announcement of Suhana as the cover girl but later turned it on again.

Images via Instagram / vogueindia

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