Asian Man Caught on Video Telling Asian Neighbor to ‘Go Back to China’


A video has emerged showing an Asian man telling his Asian neighbors to “go back to China” during an argument.

The incident: An Instagram user posted a video clip of a confrontation reportedly between neighbors in an unspecified location.

  • Originally posted by Instagram user Susanna (@sli101) the footage featured a heated exchange between a man in his home and his neighbors who were filming him. 
  • At the start of the video, another man’s voice can be heard in the background apparently asking the homeowner to repeat what he said, “Go back to where?”
  • “Go back to China,” replied the man, following it up with, “You heard me.”
  • The exchange went on with the middle-aged man calling the man with the camera “A stupid idiot.”
  • After being accused of racism, the man responded, “You’re the racist.”

How it started: While no other details were provided about the incident, the second part of the video hinted at the cause of the verbal altercation. 

  • The other half of the video shows the same man with his family standing next to him, complaining about the noise of the neighbors’ children.
  • A young girl takes a video of the incident while the man says, “Your stupid kids yelling and screaming all day.”
  • This time, a woman’s voice can be heard in the background arguing with the man.  
  • “That’s very nice,” she said. “I haven’t done anything to you specifically… I was being nice to you. Why do you want to have my kids involved? They’re young, they’re innocent.”  
  • The video ended with the man dismissing the woman’s argument, saying, “Shut up.”

Feature Image via @sli101

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