South Asian Woman Shocked After Neighbor Accuses Her of ‘Force Feeding’ Son While Babysitting

South Asian Woman Shocked After Neighbor Accuses Her of ‘Force Feeding’ Son While BabysittingSouth Asian Woman Shocked After Neighbor Accuses Her of ‘Force Feeding’ Son While Babysitting
Bryan Ke
May 17, 2021
A South Asian woman was left in shock after her neighbor accused her of force-feeding her son “ethnic food” while babysitting him.
The details: In a Reddit post that has recently gone viral, the woman shared the incident in the sub-Reddit r/AITA last week, according to Indy100.
  • The user said her neighbor, a single mother given the pseudonym Linda, asked her to look after her 7-year-old son, Ben, for a few hours.
  • Linda gave her a lunchbox containing a vegetable sandwich and orange juice for Ben right after dropping him off. The mother also instructed the woman not to give her son candies and that he is allergic to almonds.
  • After playing games and watching TV, the woman fixed herself roti and brinjal sabzi for lunch, and Ben asked if he could take a bite. The boy ended up loving the food and finished two rotis, the woman said in her post.
  • Ben hardly touched the meal his mom prepared as he was already full from the roti and brinjal sabzi he had with the woman for lunch.
A furious mother: After picking Ben up that evening, Linda allegedly came back to the woman’s house, telling her she had no right to “force feed her son ethnic food and “God knows what’s in it.”
  • Linda also explained that she is trying to transition him into the vegan lifestyle and that the woman “sabotaged it from giving him food she has never even heard off.”
  • The woman then tried to explain to Linda that the food she gave Ben was completely “vegan-friendly” and “very healthy.” She also pointed out that it was “needless to say yummy” given that the boy had eaten it by himself.
  • Instead of listening, Linda went on about the woman’s food being spicy and how that could have made Ben sick.
The internet’s verdict: The subreddit r/AITA, or “Am I the A**hole,” prompts users to then determine whether the actions in the post suggest the author was in fact the “a**hole” in the situation.
  • The majority voted that she was NTA (not the a**hole) and that Linda was.
  • The top comment reads: “NTA Linda sounds racist. If this had been about trying to convert her son to veganism (which is already an AH move on her part if her son doesn’t want to be vegan) then she would have dropped it when she found out that the dish was vegan friendly. Instead, she kept complaining because it was scary FOREIGN food.”
Featured Image via Vijaya Selvaraju
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