Two Women Steal 85-Year-Old Grandma’s $1,500 Necklace in New York

Two Women Steal 85-Year-Old Grandma’s $1,500 Necklace in New YorkTwo Women Steal 85-Year-Old Grandma’s $1,500 Necklace in New York
Bryan Ke
April 19, 2021
Two women stole a necklace from an 85-year-old Chinese American grandmother while she was sitting outside her home in New York.
The victim’s grandson, Jackie, told NextShark that the incident occurred on Saturday at around 2:20 p.m. in Brooklyn’s Bay Ridge/Sunset Park area.
Security camera footage shows Jackie’s grandmother sitting on her porch. A white SUV appears in her driveway, and two unmasked women ask the elderly woman to come down.
“My grandma did not go down due to her limited mobility and out of caution, so the ladies audaciously entered our property and came up the stairs,” Jackie said.
Jackie’s grandmother, who does not speak English, tried to fight off the intruders by shouting as loud as she could for help.
Within minutes, the two women escaped with Jackie’s grandmother’s necklace after replacing it with a fake one. The necklace is worth around $1,500, the NYPD told NextShark.
“It is unacceptable and pathetic that these people are targeting our elderly and those who can’t fend for themselves, especially in times like these,” Jackie said.
By sharing what happened to his grandmother, Jackie hopes to help spread awareness about the thieves. He also hopes to encourage others who have experienced similar incidents to share their stories.
“So many individuals in the Asian community have reached out to me to offer support and informed me that these incidents have happened to their loved ones as well, and far too many of these individuals’ stories have been swept under the rug,” Jackie said.
Jackie received several messages of support from his community after sharing the story online.
“We are so grateful for the support we’ve received from the community and people tagging in news outlets and public figures to get us this exposure,” Jackie said. “My grandma was not the first victim and definitely not the last if we don’t bring these criminals to justice. With the current social climate, this incident adds additional unnecessary stress to the Asian community and it is crucial we have a voice and stick up for ourselves and those who cannot do so.”
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