Theft Suspect With ‘Unique’ Neck Captured on Camera in Singapore Triggers Hilarious Neck Puns

neck puns

Hougang’s Neighborhood Police Center in Singapore asked the public’s help to identify a criminal, but instead, the picture shared online triggered a battle of hilarious neck puns.

According to the post, the man was wanted for Dishonest Misappropriation of Property, a form of theft. He was reported to the police at Hougang Avenue 6 on January 30.

Netizens were not interested in what crime the person committed. Instead, they all focused their attention on the CCTV screenshot that shows the suspect’s unusual neck.

Jokes aside, those who might know the man or have any further information about him can contact Hougang NPC at 1800-255-0000.

Images via Facebook / HougangNPC

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