Explosive Set Off Outside Nebraska Chinese Association in ‘Act of Violence’

Nebraska Chinese Association

Authorities are investigating an explosion that rocked the Nebraska Chinese Association (NCA) on Thursday night.

A still unidentified perpetrator detonated an unspecified device on the concrete stairs outside the building that the NCA occupies and shares with the Tribe Church, reports WOWT

The Omaha Police Department has yet to establish if the incident is hate-related, as the intent of the suspect remains unclear. A forensics team has surveyed the property for clues.

No one was harmed and the building was not damaged. 

Tribe Church, which hosts a bible study in the property on Friday nights, has expressed support to NCA.

“Tribe Church is 100 percent behind the Nebraska Chinese Association,” Tribe Church’s Sebastian Baxter was quoted as saying. “We’re with them, our community, and our hearts are with them.”

“We are their neighbor and we’ll do our job to continue loving them,” Baxter added. “That should be our response.”

Gary Nachman, the regional director of the Anti-Defamation League has condemned the incident as an act of violence.

“It’s important that we share with that community that they have allies, that they have people who will defend and support and fight for the same causes because there’s no place for hate in our society today,” Nachman said.

Omaha officers are currently looking for the person who set off the explosive.

Meanwhile, NCA members have yet to comment on the incident as investigations continue.

Feature Image via WOWT

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