Racist Caught Harassing Asian Reporter During News Segment in Australia

A robbery victim in Australia inexplicably launched a racist tirade against an Asian-Australian journalist who was merely trying to interview him.

Neary Ty was reporting for 9NEWS Melbourne when she sought an interview with 53-year-old Angus Waite, who was victimized by thieves in Melbourne’s southwestern city of Geelong.

Shortly before he began his racist rant against Ty, Waite repeatedly spat on the ground outside his apartment.

“What country do you come from?” Waite asked the reporter as he approached her.

“I was born here,” she answered back, to which Waite fired back with, “You’re not f—— Aussie, are ya?”

“If you’ve got such a beautiful country, f— off back there,” he added, before turning his back to walk away but stopping to flip an offensive gesture toward Ty and her camera crew.

Ty posted her racist encounter on Twitter, saying: “You see and hear a lot on the road while reporting, but I wasn’t expecting this in Geelong today.”

Waite had reportedly been drinking with friends at his Corio apartment the night before when two intruders entered his unit.

Waite was whacked on his head with a pole by the robbers who also pushed a woman to the ground and hit another victim identified as 36-year-old Guy Kulbiki with the same weapon. Kulbiki, who was found to have sustained critical injuries, is currently in a hospital and remains in an induced coma.

Prior to the attack, there were reports that Waite and his companions had been rowdy and a neighbor had asked them to turn the noise down. The robbery case is currently under investigation.

The racial abuse, however, will probably see no justice.

Some Twitter users offered support to Ty with some tweets:

The member for Frankston, Paul Edbrooke said: “That is disgusting Neary. I’m sorry that you had to deal with that.”

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