K-Pop Fan Allegedly Pulls Fire Alarm in London Hotel Just to See NCT127 Evacuating

An NCT127 fan – also known as Nctzen – took her obsession too far when she triggered the fire alarm at a London hotel, hoping to sneak a peak of the world-famous South Korean group evacuating out of their hotel room.

The incident occurred on July 7 during NCT127’s stop in London for their Neo City – The Origin world tour, according to Straits Times.

It was reported that an alleged overzealous fan was behind all the commotion.

However, the South Korean pop group was not the only hotel guests to be startled by the fire alarms, other guests were also given a fright due to the incident, All Kpop reported.

Twitter user Leanne Zoe said in her following post that the incident even disturbed a wedding that was taking place inside the hotel when the fire alarms went off.

A video was then posted online showing a wedding celebration being held in the streets as people exited the building.

Luckily no on was physically harmed during the whole fiasco, but no official news has been released from authorities regarding the person who pulled the alarm.

Featured image via Instagram / nct127

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