Morning Show Host Says K-Pop Member’s ‘English is Phenomenal’: ‘Well yeah, I’m from Chicago’

NCT 127, part of the K-pop band NCT based in Seoul, recently appeared in a morning show in North America where the host repeatedly compared them to BTS and commented on a member’s English. 

During the live broadcast of their guest appearance on “KTLA 5 Morning Show,” the host continued to mention BTS multiple times and asked NCT 127 if they could be the next big thing after the Bangtan Boys.

When you see what has happened to BTS who was also here, what do you think of that?” the host asked the group.

Mark, whose full name is Mark Lee, clarified that BTS has their own thing and NCT 127 has their own. “What they did, we have a lot of respect for but we’re very excited for what we have to bring to the world,” he said.

Being compared to BTS is not the only cringe-worthy moment that happened to NCT 127 during their guesting on the show. The host even went on to compliment Johnny’s English, saying, “By the way, your English is phenomenal!”

But instead of replying in the microphone, Johnny removed it from his mouth and mouthed, “well yeah, I’m from Chicago,” which made Mark reply with a laughing clip, All Kpop reported.

NCT 127’s fans were clearly not amused by what happened to the group during their guesting. Here’s what some of them wrote on Twitter:

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