NBC Thinks All Asians Look the Same, Reports on Jonghyun’s Death with BTS’ RM

Early Tuesday evening, NBC Chicago reported Kim Jonghyun of SHINee’s death on live television. His tragic death has caused the K-pop community to grieve, as well as start a dialogue about mental health in the industry.

However, when NBC aired the broadcast, the report showed clips of BTS, not SHINee, mistaking band leader Kim Namjoon — better known as Rap Monster or RM — for Jonghyun.

“Just before his death…[he] recently appeared on the Ellen Show and the American Music Awards. Kim was 27 years old,” reported NBC, closing in on RM while in an interview with the rest of BTS.

Naturally, K-pop fans were outraged and went to Twitter to voice their disdain.

Nextshark has reached out to NBC for a response.

Featured Image via Instagram / (Left): ilyrm.bts | (Right): sailordahyunx

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