White Guys Selling TV Show About an Asian Mail Order Bride is Originality at Its Best

White Guys Selling TV Show About an Asian Mail Order Bride is Originality at Its Best
Carl Samson
By Carl Samson
September 29, 2016
NBC has bought the show “Mail Order Family,” a comedy that tells the story of a widowed single father who orders a bride from the Philippines by mail.
The show was sold by “Superstore” writer-producer Jackie Clarke, director-executive producer Ruben Fleischer and executive producer David Bernad, Deadline reported.
It draws inspiration from Clarke’s own family. Her father bought a wife from the Philippines, and to get to the bottom of it, abandoned his kids in favor of his new family.
“Mail Order Family” is already in development, and while it can be assumed that some actually anticipate it, others are downright disgusted. “Buying” a wife — or any person for whatever matter — simply doesn”t sound right to many.
Commenter TheLLAG, known for sharing his “perspective on racism, politics and pop culture,” went on a tirade:
“When it comes to the mistreatment of Asian-Americans in the media, I have seen it ALL. We had the whole #PhoGate bullshit from Bon Appetit earlier this month and we’re currently dealing with the whitewashing of Disney’s live adaptation of Mulan. But this is something else.”
He simply couldn’t believe how such a show could exist:
TheLLAG then felt sorry for all his Filipino/Asian sisters “out there”:
“First off, let me just say that I am so, SO fucking sorry to all my Filipino/Asian sisters out there. The level of disrespect, misogyny, fetishism, and racism you all face in mainstream media is VOMIT INDUCING.
“My sisters, YOU ARE NOT PROPS. You are not “wacky” plot devices that serve as a stepping stone for white narratives. You are NOT sexual conquests or arm candy designed to elevate disgusting men. You are better than this and THE WORLD should do better for you.”
He vowed to boycott the show:
“I am going to boycott this show till it crashes and gets canceled. This is DISGUSTING and I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Trend the SHIT out of this tag: #CancelMailOrderFamily.”
Thoughts, people?
Editor’s Note: For those who can’t understand sarcasm, the title here was sarcasm. 
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