Asian Grandma, 94, Gifted a Sixers’ Jersey From Danny Green

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A 94-year-old woman was surprised to receive a jersey from one of her favorite NBA players after Twitter user Lili Gu shared with the world just how much her grandmother loved the sport.

Gu’s grandmother appears to have become an avid basketball fan during the COVID-19 pandemic, taking extensive notes of her favorite NBA players as she studied the games.

Her enthusiasm for the sport garnered attention in March, when her Brooklyn Nets favorite, James Harden, retweeted her story.  

Danny Green also found himself on the top of her list and did not hesitate to send her a personalized jersey.

The Philadelphia 76ers’ shooting guard surprised the grandmother with the package along with a message that read, “Thank you for picking me, here’s to 95!” according to Yahoo Sports

Gu posted her grandmother’s wholesome reaction to Twitter, beginning with her thanking the player and ending by praising his performance in the final seconds of a game against the Los Angeles Lakers on March 25.

The whole NBA community was thrilled to hear about the grandmother’s story, with many requesting she share some of her other favorite players.

In one of her follow-up posts, Gu shared that her grandmother isn’t likely to make many more appearances but is happy that her story was able to make others smile.

Feature Image via @wiwigoo

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