Australian Navy Vet Calls Out Racist Teens Targeting a Asian Man on the Tram

A former Australian Navy sailor slammed a pair of teenage girls who went on a racist tirade against an Asian man aboard a Melbourne train. 

Sean Fitzsimons, a former member of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), filmed the incident on a Melbourne tram last week.

Image Screenshot via Sean Fitzsimons

The girls reportedly told the Asian man to “f**k off back to your own country.”

Image Screenshot via Sean Fitzsimons

As he exited the tram, one of the girls then said, “You just put your arse in my face … Go and cook some more f***ing cats … make sure it’s not my pet one.”

However, the girls retreated to their hoodies as soon as Fitzsimons started schooling them.

“You really gonna carry on like that on a tram?” he asked the pair.

“I just want fried rice, bro,” one responded.

Image Screenshot via Sean Fitzsimons

The heated exchange went on.

“You racist f***in’ pig. Jesus. Hey, where you from, babe?”

“No comment, I’m from f***ing China.”

“Oh true, true. Where you ladies from?”

“Werribee, brother.”

“Oh, out near the sh*t farm? I was wondering where that smell was coming from.”

Image Screenshot via Sean Fitzsimons

“Who the f**k do you think you’re talking to, c**t. You’re talking to two girls that you don’t know what are capable of, yeah?”

“Why you hiding, mate?”

“Because you’re a f***ing dog.”

“Oi, turn around … Turn around, give me a fist bump, that was a funny one.”

Image Screenshot via Sean Fitzsimons

The girls, who also returned mocking gestures, kept their heads down for the remainder of the video.

According to Fitzsimons, they started making offensive remarks long before he started filming.

Image Screenshot via Sean Fitzsimons

The incident follows a string of similar events in Melbourne where Asians have been targeted by racists.

“Having served in the Australian Defence Force and represented this country I’m disgusted this still occurs and urge anyone else witnessing anything similar to stand up and do what’s right, whether that’s capturing it on audio or video if it’s not safe to intervene,” Fitzsimons told

Image Screenshot via Sean Fitzsimons

“We really need to send a clear message that any racism or discrimination is not accepted at all. You can see by their reaction after being called out, they immediately went silent, social media is powerful and allows us to really hold people accountable for their actions.”

Image Screenshot via Sean Fitzsimons

Fitzsimons apologized to the unidentified Asian man on behalf of Melbourne’s people:

“To the man who was victimized on that tram, I want to apologize on behalf of Melbourne and its people. You are very welcome here, mate, and if you’d like a personal tour of Melbourne please get in touch.”

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