Retired Navy Captain and Wife Accidentally Livestreams Racist Rant on Black and Chinese People

Retired Navy Captain and Wife Accidentally Livestreams Racist Rant on Black and Chinese PeopleRetired Navy Captain and Wife Accidentally Livestreams Racist Rant on Black and Chinese People
Ryan General
June 9, 2020
A Navy captain and his wife based in Atlantic Beach, Florida accidentally started a live Facebook video of their racist conversation that is now circulating on social media.
Scott Bethmann, a board member of the Naval Academy Alumni Association, was discussing with his wife, Nancy, about supposed measures his office was doing in support for Black employees, reported
“I’ve got an email about how we’re supporting and we need to fix this problem, f— you,” Scott said during the exchange. “So all the White people have to say something nice to the Black b— that works in the office. But the Black b— don’t get fired. It’s bulls—. Management’s going to fire the White people.”
His wife Nancy can be heard cursing Asians and referencing the Black community while Scott eventually dropped the N-word. 
“They’re gonna get the Blacks and the f***ing Asians from China who love to steal all of our intellectual property,” Nancy said.
“Are you against the n****rs?” Scott asked.
It was over half an hour into the conversation before Scott realized he was on Facebook Live.
“Somehow I clicked onto some live event,” he said after catching himself.
Scott, who serves as a treasurer on the alumni board of the U.S. Naval Academy, has since resigned following the incident.
Retired Admiral Samuel Locklear condemned Scott’s racist slurs via a statement on the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association & Foundation Facebook page.
“These attributed statements do not represent the mission and values of the Alumni Association, the Naval Academy or the U.S. Navy,” he wrote. As volunteer leaders in our communities, we must be inspirations and examples for all citizens.”
While Scott has since deleted his Facebook account, social media users from Atlantic Beach and Jacksonville were able to record the video and share it widely on social media.
On Sunday, Scott issued an apology for their use of racial slurs, reported CBS News.
“There is never a time when it is appropriate to use derogatory terms when speaking about our fellow man,” he said.
“I know that an apology from us rings hollow on many ears in our community, especially in the current environment…We are deeply sorry for the impact our actions have had on the Naval Academy, my fellow servicemen and women, our former colleagues, friends, family, and the community as a whole. We are committed to educating ourselves more on the racial inequalities in this country and being better people.”
Feature Image via General.John Raymond
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