Anime Fan Makes Trailer for a Live-Action ‘Nausicaä’ Film and It Looks Epic

Anime Fan Makes Trailer for a Live-Action ‘Nausicaä’ Film and It Looks EpicAnime Fan Makes Trailer for a Live-Action ‘Nausicaä’ Film and It Looks Epic
Carl Samson
May 23, 2019
A trailer for a live-action adaptation of Hayao Miyazaki’s “Nausicaä” came out of the blue on YouTube, exciting fans of what many regard as one of the greatest animated films ever made.
The trailer comes from Brazilian director Chris Tex, an avid fan of Miyazaki’s work who sets to release the non-profit film after four long years of production.
Released in 1984, “Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind” follows protagonist Nausicaä, a princess who explores a poisonous jungle created after an apocalyptic war in the hopes of forging peace between its inhabiting mutant insects and humankind.
While the film was produced ahead of the creation of Miyazaki’s Studio Ghibli, it is generally considered as a Studio Ghibli work, being released as part of the Studio Ghibli Collection DVD and Blu-ray range.
In Tex’s trailer, Nausicaä is seen trekking through sand and entering the Toxic Jungle, where unprepared trespassers can expect to die the minute they step in.
Nausicaä is then seen coming across the shell of an Ohm, a gigantic, trilobite-like creature specifically made to represent a new ecosystem for the story.
Ohms, a combination of insects and arthropods, are greatly feared in Nausicaä’s world. While typically docile, the murder of any insect in the jungle sends one nearby into a berserk rage.
Ohms possess a hive mind which certain people of special sensitivity can communicate with, as well as empathic abilities demonstrated in their discernment of emotions through tentacle “feelers.”
The short live-action adaptation, titled “Wind Princess,” is currently in post-production, with his team still searching for partners “to help push us over the finish line.”
“We are not a large company,” Tex wrote in the trailer’s description. “Rather, we are a group of friends who have been working on this project for almost four years, fueled only by our love of the art. We are proud to finally release our first teaser trailer.”
Tex said that costumes and props will be donated to the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo as a tribute to Miyazaki.
“We will release the film online free of charge, as our only aim is to pay homage to Mr. Miyazaki and the entire wonderful team at Studio Ghibli. Our dream is to donate all of our costumes and props (such as the glider, gun, etc) to the Ghibli Museum (in Tokyo, Japan), as a token of appreciation and also as a testament to the great influence Miyazaki has on Brazilian fans and artists who share his passion for fantastical story-telling.”
The actress playing Nausicaä, as revealed in the trailer’s accompanying behind-the-scenes story
For the astounding quality of its visuals, fans of the original film praised Tex’s trailer and expressed anticipation for the adaptation’s release:
“This looks perfect even to us Japanese people.”
“Holy sh*t this looks amazing. Here’s to hoping it get completed!”
“Hello from Japan. I was so moved by your teaser and I’m looking forward to seeing your full movie on the big screen in Japan!”
“It really amazes me how so many people love Hayao Miyazaki’s masterpieces. I totally respect and admire all of you for remaking this piece of art.”
“OMG!!! This looks so amazing and beautiful for a non-profit independent film. All I can say is that no one does it better than a true avid fan, so much truth, dedication and effort with their work. I pray you guys will make it big because right now, Hollywood needs people like you. I hope you will remake all of Miyazaki’s work in the future for all of us fans like you. Thank you for this. More power and God bless!!!”
Interested collaborators may contact Tex directly at [email protected].
Images via YouTube / Chris Tex
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