Naughty Monkey Hilariously Pulls Man’s Shorts Down to Steal His Banana

A viral video of a naughty monkey pulling a man’s pants down in a mad dash for his banana is making the rounds on social media in Indonesia.

The short footage, which was reportedly shot in Bali’s Ubud Monkey Forest, shows a monkey playfully jumping onto a man from behind with its arms wrapped around the man’s waist to grab a banana, reported Coconuts Bali. The monkey then suddenly swoops down kicking about, taking the poor guy’s shorts to the ground, exposing his buttocks to the amusement of the other zoo visitors.



After successfully nabbing the fruit from the embarrassed man, the monkey was seen nibbling away at his loot. The man, on the other hand, looked a bit disoriented, seemingly not having known what hit him.

Posted on YouTube back in December, the clip has an ample amount of footage of the guy’s butt cheeks as it took him quite some time before he could pull his pants back up. While many may point out that the video taken from the world’s monkey capital looked staged, it still made for some cheeky humor.

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