Natalie Tran Slams Trolls Who Don’t Like Asian Women Dating White Men

Natalie Tran Slams Trolls Who Don’t Like Asian Women Dating White Men
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April 11, 2018
For loving a White man, Natalie Tran has her share of grim opposition that call her a “white worshipping bed wench,” among other names.
But on Saturday, the Australian producer posted a tweet that offered a new perspective.
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“It’s an honour to have so many men tell me how Asian women should behave for the bigger picture and how our behaviour reflects on the race.
“For the upteempth time: yes, there are white supremacists who date Asian women. Yes, there are Asian women who stay with them. Yes, there are racist people. I don’t need you to point this out to me as though I’m an idiot. I know I’m a woman but I’m not an idiot. I know I date someone outside my race but I’m not an idiot.”
via Instagram / Natalie Tran
Tran, who was born to Vietnamese parents and raised in Sydney, has been vocal on the difficulties that Asian women face while dating White men. She released a documentary on the subject last year.
Tangentially, Asian women who reject Asian men are problematic, as we have explained in this article.
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In her argument, she flips the table and points out how invalid reasoning solves nothing.
“Can I use your same irrational reasoning and say hey, you know there are a lot of men out there who beat up women so nobody should date men. Dating men enables the very systemic problem of abuse and physical violence to continue in society.
“You see, it doesn’t really work, does it? I know it’s convenient but it does not apply. Just because it’s easy to point the finger at women does not mean it applies.”
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Tran is clearly addressing men, regardless of color, who have issues with AFWM couples.
“What is most concerning is that you seem oblivious to how much ownership and expectation you bestow upon women. I care very little about the thoughts of someone whose beliefs align so closely with those of men’s rights activists.”
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She ends by taking a jab at racism as the real cause of all misunderstanding.
“The real enemy is racism. Do not misconstrue that into the narrative that women who date outside their race enable racism and let you down.”
Tran’s post has garnered at least 2,000 likes and retweets, with many expressing their own views in the comments.
Some responded in support:
Others said she has internalized racism, the problem that Filipina Instagram model Lily May Mac had that led to a scathing backlash.
Meanwhile, one claimed that while her argument is “somewhat valid,” it could have been worded better:
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Still, others needed further clarification and criticized her analogy:

Feature image via Instagram / Natalie Tran
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