Naomi Wu Blasts Vice Over Allegedly Sexist Interview

Naomi Wu, a.k.a the “SexyCyborg” of Chinese tech, recently took to Twitter to call out Vice on an apparently botched handling of her interview.

image via Instagram/sexy_cyborg

In a series of tweets, the 23-year-old wrote how, despite having agreed beforehand which topics should be off limits prior the interview, the online magazine still apparently proceeded to write about them.

“I have ONE rule about interviews- I don’t talk about relationship status or sexual orientation,” the Shenzhen-based Chinese DIY tech creator wrote. “They agreed that was off limits. So of course- in an article about a Chinese Maker and Shenzhen, they have to make it about that. Scum.”

Without naming any particular writer from the media platform, Wu further expressed her frustration on how Vice handled the interview.

Wu, who took a few days off to accommodate reporters from Vice, felt betrayed when she was informed they were still including personal details. 

Without delving into many details, Wu’s tweets hint at how Vice appeared to bait her into giving personal details under the guise of giving her an “opportunity to respond.”

Wu apparently got all these despite her treating the Vice crew with respect and hospitality. 

She lamented the wasted opportunity of producing meaningful content instead of being wasted on a cheap, sexist article. 

Referencing the media platform’s recent sexual harassment woes, Wu highlighted this irony: 

As of this writing, Vice has yet to respond to Wu’s tweets. The article in question also has yet to be published. 

Feature Image (left) via Instagram/sexy_cyborg,  (right) via  YouTube/Naomi ‘SexyCyborg’ Wu

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