This Woman Became the ‘Beyoncé of Japan’ Just for Lip Syncing

This Woman Became the ‘Beyoncé of Japan’ Just for Lip Syncing
Ryan General
By Ryan General
August 23, 2016
Comedian Naomi Watanabe immediately captured the hearts of the Japanese audience when she first hit the public stage in 2008. Her charming and hilarious imitation of Beyoncé Knowles has earned her thousands of fans and the title of “Japanese Beyoncé.“
Lip-syncing popular hits such as “Crazy in Love” and “Dreamgirls,” Watanabe goes full-Beyonce mode as she mimicked the American superstar’s signature gyrating moves and facial expressions.
Watanabe’s art of spoofing popular acts into hilarious performances is a Japanese comedy style known as “monomane.” Like her, many comedians dedicate their entire careers to it.
In the same year, Watanabe even got the chance to show off her skills in front of her idol when Beyoncé and her sister Solange Knowles appeared in the Japanese show called Waratte Litomo to promote a line of handbags. Watch the awkwardly epic video below:
Eight years later, she still holds the title as the reigning Japanese Queen-bey and is now all over Japanese TV. Watanabe has made several movies, featured in various drama series, can be seen in numerous ads and has become a regular guest on Japanese game shows.
Watanabe has since graduated from lip-syncing Beyonce’s songs and focused on less tiring forms of comedy via Japanese game shows. She still, of course, gets the Beyonce entrance every time she is introduced.
Like a true queen, Naomi Watanabe was able to cross over to various media as well, starring in movies such as “Tug of War!,” “Crayon Shin-chan: Very Tasty B-class Gourmet Survival,“ and “R-100.” She also appeared in several Japanese Drama series such as “Itsutsu Boshi Tourist,” “Alimony Lawyer,” “The Brave Yoshihiko and Great Satan’s Castle” and “Deka Wanko.”
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