Chinese Nanny Desperate for a Child Steals Client’s Son, Returns Him 26 Years Later

Chinese Nanny Desperate for a Child Steals Client’s Son, Returns Him 26 Years Later
Carl Samson
June 12, 2019
A former nanny who abducted her client’s son nearly two decades ago in southwestern China made the decision finally help him find his birth parents so she can “redeem” her “sins.”
Desperate for a child, He Xiaoping, 49, confessed to stealing the 15-month-old boy she had raised as Liu Jinxin from his home in Chongqing in 1992.
He Xiaoping abducted her client’s 15-month-old son in 1992. Image via Sina News
After losing two sons as infants, He resorted to stealing the toddler on the advice of fortune tellers, who claimed that doing so would ward off her bad luck.
Using a fake identity, He applied to work as a nanny in Chongqing at the residence of Zhu Xiaojuan, the boy’s birth mother.
He, now 49, shows a photo of her client’s grown child, whom she named after her second son Liu Jinxin. Image via Sina News
On June 10, 1992, just a week into her work, she carried out her elaborate plan.
She told Zhu that she would bring her son for shopping, but instead, she fled back home with him in the nearby Nanchong.
Liu Jinxin. Image via Sina News
The toddler, now a 27-year-old man, grew up to be known as Liu Jinxin, adopting the name of He’s second son.
He, who worked multiple odd jobs before becoming a businesswoman, claimed that she tried to give her “son” the best life possible.
He is now a businesswoman with a three-bedroom flat for a home. Image via Sina News
Clinging to the fortune tellers’ words, He became more convinced that Liu removed her bad luck when she gave birth to a healthy baby girl in 1995.
“I know I committed bad things, but I have raised my son as my own,” He said, according to Chongqing Evening News. “He also treated me as his real mother.”
Liu as a baby. Image via Kanka News
However, He felt irreconcilably guilty after watching a TV show in 2017 that featured an elderly mother who spent most of her life looking for a lost child.
He eventually decided to contact the local Chongqing Evening News for help and managed to locate Zhu in February 2018.
Liu before his abduction. Image via Kanka News
Unfortunately, Liu’s arrival spelled disaster for Zhu, who already found her “son” in 1995.
She immediately contacted the police and learned of a boy named “Pan Pan,” who looked just like her missing child.
He contacted a local newspaper to ask for help. Image via Sina News
A more recent DNA test confirmed that Liu is actually Zhu’s child, but a test by the Supreme People’s Court of Henan at the time of Pan Pan’s rescue showed that he was her missing toddler instead. 
Zhu, who believed that Pan Pan was her child until Liu’s arrival, is now suing the court for 2.95 million yuan ($427,000) for the erroneous DNA result, Red Star News reported.
Zhu initially rejected Liu, believing he was a drunk who could not maintain relationships. She blamed He for his fate.
“You did not just steal my son, but raised him to be like this,” Zhu said, according to Kanka News. “Now you’re pressured and want to get rid of him, but you can’t just do whatever you want.”
Zhu Xiaojuan reunite with her long-lost child. Image via QQ
However, Zhu came to forgive He and said, “after all, she is his foster mother.” 
The two mothers are now on good terms.
The story, which re-emerged this week, drew mixed reactions on Chinese social media. Weibo users commented:
“The real mom must be shattered.”
“This nanny should be fully prosecuted.”
“At that time, DNA tests may not be very sophisticated.”
“I support the severance of relationship between the biological mother and her son.”
“I think this nanny has a lot of love to give. She knew that she still had to return him.”
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