Asian Actor Harassed By Bay Area Man for Driving a Ferrari

Asian Actor Harassed By Bay Area Man for Driving a FerrariAsian Actor Harassed By Bay Area Man for Driving a Ferrari
Ryan General
January 9, 2020
Asian model and actor Nan Lin recently took to Facebook to share his encounter with a racist driver in downtown San Francisco.
In his post, Lin shared how a White man tried to provoke him with trash talk and racist insults at a traffic stop.
“While driving my Ferrari in downtown #SF, I noticed this guy on the left of my car pointing and saying something to me, so I rolled down my window to see what’s going on, and he was just saying all sorts of obnoxious & unnecessary things, so I rolled my window back up and proceeded to drive forward. Eventually, he got on the right side of my vehicle and still going strong, talking trash,” Lin wrote.
Instead of retaliating in a similar manner, he stayed calm but took out his smartphone to record a video of the incident.
According to Lin, as soon as he started recording, the man suddenly changed his tone, although he still proceeded to end it with one more insult.
He narrated: “I thought this would be a good opportunity to get this on video but as soon as I rolled down my window and started recording he suddenly changed his tone saying ‘you’re a beautiful human being’ and ends it with ‘with a very small penis.’”
Lin uploaded the clip of the disturbing scene, also pondering what could have caused the stranger to act in such a way toward him.
“I’m just thinking, he looked like a normal guy, drives a 20 year old Mercedes CL, what’s triggering him so badly? Is it my car? Is it me? Maybe a combo of both?! I did my best to not react. What would you have done in my situation?”
Most of Lin’s commenters praised him for keeping his cool and choosing not to escalate the situation.
“My compliments on your handling of the situation,” a Facebook user wrote. “You took the ‘high road,’ and that is always the best reaction.”
Lin, who made his big-screen debut in the 2018 dark comedy “Ghostbox Cowboy” by John Maringouin, had a similar encounter with a different man who also took issue with his car last year.
In July 2019, another White male intentionally kicked Lin’s Audi R8 for apparently no reason. The scenario was a bit different then and Lin was not as calm about his car being kicked by a stranger.
Here’s how it went down:
Feature Image via Nan Lin, @nanlinofficial
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