Thai Model Who Caused Multi-Car Crash Gets More Messages of Love Than Her Victims

A distressed model in Thailand, whose roadside breakdown caused multiple cars to crash on Monday, ended up receiving massive support from netizens.
Kritrada Tubtimphol, a 28-year-old model famously known as “Namzom Zomy,” purposely ran her white BMW into another car on a major road in Bangkok on Monday afternoon. Witnesses claimed that the model got out of her car, screamed that she “wanted to die” before having a nervous breakdown on the roadside. Her little stunt caused a total of nine cars to crash, reports Coconuts Bangkok.
Immo Pichamol, the daughter of a taxi driver who got hurt in the car crash, recently posted a rant on Facebook directed at the  hundreds of people who flocked to the model’s account to write their support.
“Some people say ‘I feel sorry for her. Never hit a man when he is down’. Alright, then. Just for the medical cost, the police told us to pay in advance and wait to claim with the insurance,” Pichamol wrote in frustration.
“You may not love your life, but other people do. You may act without thinking about your family, but other people always love and think about their families,” she wrote.
Pichamol’s post then went viral and was later featured in the local media. According to the daughter, her family had to search for money just to cover the 40,000 Thai baht hospital bill ($1,143).
After being released from the hospital Wednesday night, the taxi driver claims he still suffers from chest pains and high blood pressure. Namzom Zomy, on the other hand, has not been charged for the multi-car crash that resulted from her outburst.
The Thai model has reportedly been transferred to a psychological ward at a hospital in her provincial hometown. Her manager claims that local authorities will subject Zomy to further questioning.
The Monday accident further increased the model’s followers on social media, gaining her tens of thousands of new supporters.
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