Nail Salon Worker Clings to Car of Customer Who Didn’t Pay, Hospitalized After Getting Beaten

A nail salon worker clung to the trunk of a customer’s car to stop her from leaving because she did not pay her bill.

The incident, which was caught on video, occurred just outside Unique Nails at 480 Wiley Parker Road in Jackson, Tennessee, on Saturday.

After receiving services, Angela Henly, 54, refused to pay her bill and got in her car, Jackson police reported.

A female employee in a blue shirt then stood behind her car to prevent her from leaving.

That did not stop Henly, who backed up and pushed the employee and another woman.

But the employee, determined to make Henly pay, clung to car’s trunk as the vehicle sped off to the horror of bystanders.

Henly reportedly drove for about half a mile and, along with a passenger, assaulted the employee. Police arrested her on the scene and charged her with reckless endangerment.

Their capture was caught in another video:

Henly was arraigned on May 21 and released on a $15,000 bond. Day Pham, who claimed to be the daughter of the employee, posted a photo of herself with her mother in a hospital bed on Facebook, according to the Jackson Sun.

Pham confirmed that her mother was driven about a half mile away before the two women in the car “jumped her.”

Further investigations are underway, with Henly possibly facing additional theft and assault charges.

Henly will appear before the court on June 21.

Images via YouTube / Kellen Freeman

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