Florida Woman From Romania Tells American-Born Asian Nail Techs to ‘Go Back to Your F*cking Country’

Florida Woman From Romania Tells American-Born Asian Nail Techs to ‘Go Back to Your F*cking Country’Florida Woman From Romania Tells American-Born Asian Nail Techs to ‘Go Back to Your F*cking Country’
An independent recording artist apologized after being filmed going on a xenophobic rant and quoting the infamous line “cash me outside” at a manicurist inside an Asian nail salon in Pompano Beach, Florida.
What happened: Corina Monica, an up-and-coming singer who was born in Romania and moved to Florida when she was 9, yelled at the nail salon staff after a nail technician couldn’t finish working on her acrylic nails, according to Local10.
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  • “You took my nails off, what am I supposed to do now?” Monica, who was unaware she was being recorded, said in a video posted by Twitter user @davenewworld_2 on August 7.
  • A nail technician then told her she could have her nails done by another employee, but Monica replied, “Oh, that’s real professional.”
  • Then, Monica asked the American-born nail technician where she’s from, and added: “Why do you come to this country, work here, and don’t do what’s right for our citizens?”
  • “You make money, you live in my country, you gonna tell me you can’t do my nails b***h? The f**k what do think you are b***h? The f**k is wrong with you?” she continued before telling the staff to “go back to your f**king country.”
  • The nail technician told her, “I’m not even going to say anything to that.”
  • The staff then asked Monica to leave, but she quoted rapper Bhad Bhabie in an episode of “Dr. Phil”: “Yeah, b***h? Make me leave. Meet me outside. Cash me outside. How about that? I am crazy as f**k. I will f**k you up,” Heavy reported.
  • Monica told everyone at the salon she was smarter than them, adding, “As a matter of fact, b****, I’m an independent artist, recording artist, and I’m going to “f***ing blow the f**** up.”
  • She warned the staff that they would one day contact her to come to get her nails done at the salon. She also plugged her own single “Stay Flossy” in her tirade.
  • “I hope you f***ing lose this place and you go the f*** back to your country,” she said before leaving the establishment.
The apology: After the incident, Monica posted a video on her Instagram Story where she apologized to the salon and the employee, Kelly, “for being inhumane and a terrible person.”
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  • She also posted on Instagram telling her followers that she will never disrespect people of color again.
  • “It’s never okay to act as I acted it’s never okay to spread filth that came out of my mouth I am ashamed and I apologize to y’all, the salon, Kelly, the Asian community I love everything about your culture And I was Wrong! Every one of you are beautiful, the way god made you, Asian, black, Hispanic, white your my brothers and sisters and I will never disrespect you Again!!! On my life I’m sorry,” she said.
  • However, her tone changed in another post where she called out the people who criticized her music. She also accused the people in the salon for treating her like garbage.
  • “If you are tired of these radical racist that are flaming up because they want the floor let me remind you I’m a liberal not a racist your wrong, those people treated me like garbage cut off my current nails then told me to find service somewhere else because they could not answer if dip nails are toxic,” she said. “y’all trying to crucify me for something I didn’t deserve and you dare tell me my music is trash …. you listen and say that again!!! To my face. To make it clear you write me contact me or come 6 feet of me your going to jail!!!!”
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