Woman Escapes Nail Salon Without Paying After Pepper Spraying Owner

nail salon

A nail salon owner in Houston was recently captured on film getting attacked by a customer with pepper spray.

Minh Nguyen, the owner of Lynns Nails, can be seen on the establishment’s surveillance video getting sprayed in her eyes, reports KPRC. 


“I was outraged because my mom, she is such a hardworking woman,” Vickie Thon, the victim’s daughter, was quoted as saying. “She’s gotten robbed before and it just saddens me.”

According to Thon, two women walked into the salon to get their nails done on Wednesday afternoon.

After receiving service, the first woman paid and left, but returned later.

“She peeked in, opened the door and kind of waved to her friend who was getting her nails done by my mom,” Thon recalled.

After that, the other customer pulled her hands back, suddenly pulled out a can of pepper spray, and then sprayed the woman in the eyes.

She then rushed out of the door and both escaped, shocking everyone in the room.

The salon owner, who was treated by paramedics at the scene, did not sustain severe injuries.

Her family has since filed a police report in hopes of catching the still unidentified perpetrators.

“I’m very worried that she is still out there. She could be doing this to other shops and other stores,” Thon noted.

Featured Image via YouTube / KPRC 2 Click2Houston

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