Legendary Chinese Singer Savagely KICKS Young Fan Filming Her

Legendary Chinese Singer Savagely KICKS Young Fan Filming HerLegendary Chinese Singer Savagely KICKS Young Fan Filming Her
A legendary Chinese singer ruthlessly kicked a young fan for allegedly ignoring her demand for privacy.
Na Ying, also known as Natasha Na, was filmed delivering the kick to a female fan at what is believed to be a shopping mall somewhere in Macau on Sept. 29, according to Sin Chew Daily.
In the video, Na Ying kicks her fan from behind while the latter attempts to film the rare moment of coming across her idol.
Reports say that the singer actually warned the fan not to film her, but apparently, the latter persisted.
Image: Screenshot via Weibo / @新浪娱乐
Na Ying, 52, has released 12 studio albums in the nearly 30 years of her career, with around 10 million copies sold.
She is also known for serving as a judge in “Sing! China”, a rebranded version of “The Voice of China”.
Image via Weibo / @那英
The person who uploaded the video reportedly claimed that the fan only wanted to take a picture and had no intention of harassing Na Ying.
Understandably, the incident left her so devastated that she broke down in tears and proceeded to destroy the tickets she had purchased for the singer’s upcoming concert.
Image: Screenshot via Weibo / @新浪娱乐
The unfortunate video has gone viral on Chinese social media, with users having mixed reactions.
Weibo users commented:
“If you want to take someone’s photo, you should ask for it in a polite manner.”
“Sneaking a shot is not right, but it’s [also] not good to kick people.”
“I don’t really like Na Ying, but I thought this was cool of her.”
“This is a bit too radical.”
“Both sides did wrong.”
Featured Images: Screenshots via Weibo / @新浪娱乐
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