Mystical Truck Driver Channels Inner Bruce Lee to Jump Kick Phone Thief

Mystical Truck Driver Channels Inner Bruce Lee to Jump Kick Phone Thief
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December 28, 2016
A Chinese truck driver named Huo who knew some Kung Fu moves used jump kick to prevent a thief from making off with his cell phone.
Huo told local media that he was sitting in his truck while waiting for a delivery to arrive in Foshan, Guangdong Province, when a man he thought was the person he came to meet knocked on the door.
The driver phoned his boss to confirm the delivery, but that’s when the suspicious man suddenly reached out and grabbed the device out of his hand.
The truck’s camera shows the exact moment the suspect nabbed Huo’s phone, and a CCTV camera also captured him walking away calmly and getting on what appears to be a moped.
The man decided to make a U-turn, passing Huo’s truck at high speed. That’s when he knew he screwed up as Huo got down from his truck, crossed the lane and pulled a Bruce Lee, leaping into the air and kicking the thief off of his moped.
He can then be seen throwing a punch at the phone thief’s face as he’s on the ground. The culprit takes the stolen device out of his pocket and gives it back to the truck driver.
Chinese netizens are calling Huo a Kung Fu master, not just because of his amazing physical feats, but also due to the incident occurring in Foshan, the birthplace of the martial arts legend Wong Fei-hung, according to Mashable.
People have also dubbed him as “Bruce Lee reborn,” joking that he’s learned a quick and powerful move popularized by Wong, called the Shadowless Kick, which has been a Kung Fu movie fan’s favorite.
This isn’t the first incident involving losing a mobile device that Huo has encountered. He told local news that he lost his phone in three similar cases over the past two months.
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